San Francisco
Juvenile Justice Providers Association (JJPA)

This website is in the process of being built.

In the meantime we have provided a little information about Who We Are, the JJPA Vision, and our Mission.

Who We Are

Founded in 2004, Juvenile Justice Providers Association (JJPA) is a San Francisco-based membership association of community-based experts serving youth and families involved in the juvenile justice system. We are well positioned to understand the realities facing troubled youth in our diverse communities, while also recognizing the larger context of societal misunderstanding and fears about young people. As front-line providers, we know the current system does not work and have come together to advocate for systems change.


Youth involved in San Francisco’s juvenile justice system are embraced, respected, guided and supported to be successful in their lives through a system of neighborhood and community-based interventions. Working in collaborative partnership with the Juvenile Probation Department, our shared values result in a strength-based, culturally relevant and family focused service system that promotes individual and community empowerment.


  • Serve as a collective voice for service providers of youth and families involved in the juvenile justice system, bringing their perspectives to advocacy for systems change.
  • Monitor public agencies that fund juvenile justice services to insure they are accountable for developing an effective system of neighborhood-centered, community-based and culturally relevant services.
  • Provide a forum for members to exchange, promote and advocate best practices as developed and implemented in San Francisco to serve youth and families involved in the juvenile justice system.
  • Advocate for and support mutual accountability among members by facilitating our individual and collective capacity to meet community-endorsed standards for quality services.



440 - 9th Street San Francisco CA 94103